Sunday, July 01, 2007

Once again, the prologue in the middle, you would think that I would learn.

Allow me to introduce to you Emlee and Huck, also known as Susannah. These two women are life partners, which is rather blatant as you read the stories. As is obvious, Susannah has passed away after a battle with cancer. Emlee is doing her best to make her way in the world after having laid to rest her trusted friend, confidant and loving companion.

These are stories of love and compassion and the feelings that Emlee experiences after having seen Huck slip away from her life. It becomes obvious through time, or will, that Emlee will have to look for a new beginning or what a friend of mine calls, “a new normal,” though I don't believe that there really is such a thing. The concept of a new normal doesn't keep us from looking for it, even when we are sure that there really isn't one.

The stories here are a little spread out and begin with a story that I was “warming” up on. The entry here called, Because I have not Written Like This for a While is the first, then Good Morning Star Shine followed by the most recent, Emlee in Church. Note that these stories are a little like an obvious treasure hunt, similar to the entries entitled Vicar of Another Man's Life, each one has an inspiration in them, in the stories about Emlee and Susannah the inspiration is a song or a poem, as time goes by, there may be other references to make you think, and to give you a tip to what was going through my mind at the time.

An aside: in Vicar of Another Man's Life you may want to Google your clue, or simply Google Vincent Van Gogh, you may find the painting that was the inspiration for the story.

Please, please, make a comment, just so that I know that you were here. You may play critic if you like, you can tell me if you recognize the clue, but most of all, you are simply letting me know that while you were sipping coffee, or having a nosh before bed, you took a moment to see what these characters are up to.


Anonymous UNK said...

Well, Don, you know I'm always here. Enen thought it is now 99.9 degrees outside. Wow.

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